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Transform Your Aspirations into Reality.

Our Financial Planning experts understand the frustrations of feeling confused about managing your money, and we're here to guide you towards confident and informed financial decisions.

What we do.

The services we offer at Oakmere. 

Oakmere Wealth Management

Straight-forward financial planning

Our dedicated team takes the complexity out of financial planning, providing you with straightforward strategies tailored to your goals, so you can confidently navigate your way towards financial success.

Oakmere Wealth Management

Build trusted relationships

We go beyond transactional interactions, forging strong connections and earning the trust of our clients as we work together to achieve your financial goals.

Oakmere Wealth Management

Empower financial security

Our team of experts specialises in implementing tailored financial plans that prioritise your security, helping you navigate uncertain times and confidently pave the way towards a financially stable future.

Oakmere Wealth Management

Reduce uncertainty

Our financial planning provides the clarity and expertise you need to eliminate uncertainty, helping you make confident decisions and secure your financial future.

Oakmere Wealth Management

Educate you on your finances

Through personalised education and ongoing support, we empower our clients to understand their finances and make confident choices for a brighter future.

Oakmere Wealth Management

Our 3 Transformations.

When done properly, financial planning changes lives, and at Oakmere, that's exactly what we do. 


We empower you to identify and live your best life.


We listen to you intently, and never make you feel like a number.


We give you the confidence to take on tomorrow.

We are trusted by hundreds of client families.

We take pride in the long-standing relationships we've built with our clients. With a proven track record, our financial planning services have become a trusted resource for hundreds of families seeking a brighter financial future.

The Oakmere Way.

Our financial planning process is designed with your needs in mind and helps you to identify true wealth, not transactions. 

Oakmere Wealth Management

1. We listen

It starts with a conversation, a chat, and listening to you. What are your dreams, aspirations and challenges? True financial planning goes deeper than money. 

Oakmere Wealth Management

2. We research

We then work to better understand what you have in place currently, what are the details of your current financial arrangements - the research stage, to better understand your current position.

Oakmere Wealth Management

3. We plan

Oakmere Wealth Management

The creation of a bespoke plan, tailored to your circumstances and the future you are looking for. During this stage there is listening and collaboration and understanding. We need you to feel confident in this plan, empowered in making the best decisions.

Oakmere Wealth Management

4. We Implement

Once the plan is in place, we ensure that any recommendations we make are then carried out and that your financial future is secured.

It doesn't stop there.

The key to the success of your financial plan is the building of a trusted, lasting relationship.


We remain with you, with regular follow up meetings or just a catch up, enabling us to continue to provide you with the best advice, meeting any changing needs and making adjustments where necessary.


All of this, together, is The Oakmere Way.

Oakmere Wealth Management

Hear Jonathan's Story

Jonathan, a client of Oakmere, sat down with us for a couple of minutes to tell us his story, and how he found working with our team of financial planners.

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